In my last Farmer Friday post I mentioned that squirrels love smashing sunflowers to the ground and eating off the flowers. They’re not the smartest creatures in the animal kingdom so they usually do it before there are tasty sunflower seeds formed but they still devour the entire flower (or carry it somewhere where I can’t find it). Either way, I decided to save the sunflowers that were opened in the yard before more get sacrificed to those little buggers but it also means no sunflower seeds for me– yes most of the ones above are decorative but I’m hoping the seed flowers will make it and the squirrels won’t notice them.

Do you know what kind of seed this is below?

If you guessed broccoli, you know more than I do because I would have never guessed before seeing my broccoli go to flower and produce these. Actually, they look just like my lettuce seeds so it sort of makes sense– seems like they’d all be related. I’ve saved some of the seeds and hope that I can replant in spring because this broccoli has been producing all summer nonstop!

I mentioned that I keep collecting more tomatoes (when I made tomato soup) and the plant doesn’t seem to be running out! I don’t really think it’s a great sign that all the leaves are dying but the tomatoes seem to be doing fine. Perhaps I should water more?

This is one of the sunflowers I’m hoping avoid the squirrels pouncing on them and taking them down. There are about four sunflowers that I planted later than the rest on the side of the house and they’ve gotten to be much taller and thicker than the others I planted earlier in the season. The sunflower pictured about is at least seven feet tall. It reminds me of the Little Shop of Horrors plant so maybe it can just eat the squirrels and I’ll get some sunflower seeds after all!

What’s the scourge in your backyard/ patio? Spiders? Birds? Deer?