Early last month I discovered my new best DIY friend: white spray paint. I took on a “Pinterest Challenge” and gave some old wood frames a face lift with some new paint and it was so simple (and didn’t break the bank). I had another project in mind that I gave a sneak peek of here that involves white spray paint and is one of the finishing touches on the re-remodeled bathroom.

This should look familiar from last week and there were a few guesses, some legitimate– “frame”– and some not so much– “toilet seat?” What it actually happens to be is the remaining piece of a nautical-ish sun-shaped-ish wood thing with a mirror in the middle. I got it for $7 at the Humane Society Thrift Store in hopes of fixing it up and putting it up somewhere but instead it sat in our garage for a while, got dustier and looked sadder than when I had purchased it. Eventually I removed and threw away an outer piece of it and was left with this and the mirror. Well, it’s high time this broken thing get’s fixed!

Before I was obsessed with white spray paint, there was tacky glue. We go way, way back. Back before I was old enough to use a hot glue gun on my own. In this application, it works perfectly to glue together the broken crack in the wood.

I just squeezed some glue in there and wiped off the excess. Bam. Fixed.

For good measure I also used some spackle since the front of the frame still had the crack showing. And because I really like spackle. I think it’s because it reminds me of Play-doh?

After I let the spackle dry a good long time, or as long as I could wait– approximately 60 seconds?– I set about sanding the frame lightly with fine grit sandpaper. Then I took a slightly damp cloth and wiped the whole thing down. Sanding slightly will help the spray paint adhere, but honestly, I skip this step for painting picture frames. It was needed here more to even out the spackle.

The first coat of spray paint goes on lightly and nice and smooth. I’ve learned not to try and go too fast or heavy with coats of spray paint. It dries so quickly on a warm sunny day it makes it easier to wait 10 or so minutes– or, you know, five– between coats. This was the first coat and I probably did three or four total plus the back lightly.

While I was at it and the door I use for spray painting was in the middle of the lawn (thanks, husband!) I figured I might as well spray paint a few other things. I got some coats on some white picture frames for around the house.

While the final spray paint is drying on the frame I set to work cleaning the mirror. Why did the thrift store put a sticker on the middle of the mirror? No idea. Why do I not have Goo Be Gone in the garage? Also no idea. I wasn’t able to get off all the residue so I’ll have to get some and come back to it.

I whipped out the glue gun for this (yes, it is sitting on top of my Restoration Hardware gigantor catalog) and after realizing that the mirror just barely over lapped the frame, I decided I couldn’t glue under the mirror.

Instead of gluing under, I glued around. This picture isn’t the best example but I basically made sure to get the glue around the edge and slightly overlapping. Hot glue dries like plastic so I figured that would be enough to hold it in place. But the mirror still had the original paper backing that used to hold it in place.

First I considered trying to glue the paper backing back to the  mirror. I quickly realized that it wasn’t in great shape and barely covered the mirror so there wouldn’t be much point. While I couldn’t save the original backing, I did have neon blue card stock leftover from my wedding to use…

I simply laid the original paper on the car stock (which wouldn’t be visible on the final product) and cut around the circle with a little extra on each side that would allow it.

Next I simply used more hot glue to affix my new backing to my frame and made sure that the parts with lots of extra space went above and below the mirror. In a worse case scenario where the mirror doesn’t stay stuck to the wood, hopefully the paper prevents it from crashing to the ground.

Ready for the final resting place reveal? There’s something else in this picture that I’ve mentioned before but never shown on the blog…

What’s that peeking in the mirror!? Yup, it’s the towel fish. Just ignore the door that will one day be replaced.

Yup, towel fish. He lives behind the door. My aunt got him at an art show and he now lives with us. I used to use him as a coat hook when we lived in an apartment but now he’s just perfect in the bathroom and adds much needed– and pleasantly unexpected– color to the otherwise serene bathroom. What an attention hog. Back to my new framed mirror!

There you have it! A little white spray paint can go a long way to refreshing something that previously looked pretty sad. The crack is still slightly visible but not distracting from the final product and having an extra mirror in the tiny bathroom will make mornings much easier around here.

Could it be time to return to the thrift store for more soon-to-be-white treasures!?