As confessed here, I’m still not exactly ready for Fall to be upon us. In Northern California our warmest summer months are typically September and October and true to form, this week it’s been in the 80s around our house (when it was often chilly in June and early July!). In the mornings it’s a little cool, sometimes with clouds, then it all burns off for a temperate afternoon perfect for sitting out in the backyard.

Despite some fantastic weather, I can’t help but look forward to Fall weather being upon us. It doesn’t help when the magazines and blogs I read are already talking about Halloween– it’s a month away! A whole month!– and snuggling up in front of the fire again. Any way, it makes me think about what I’ll be wearing when the weather turns cold again, and my coworker’s new boots (she got hers from a sale that already ended online) showed up in the office and reminded me how much I want these:

Hunter Original Black (non-gloss)

Most importantly, I want these for tromping around in the rain but with thick socks they would be perfect for the snow as well! My “snow” boots — from Target a couple of seasons ago for $25– have been discovered to not be water proof. I actually have no waterproof boots. Let me tell you, wet snow knows where the weaknesses are in non-waterproof boots. And to trump all those reasons: if I wear them while gardening when it’s wet outside, I can HOSE THEM OFF. Yup. I’m a women’s US size 9.

Do you own boots for rain/ cold weather/ gardening/ horseback riding/ hiking/ a night on the town? What is your favorite part about them? What do men do when it’s pouring rain?