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We left off our wine rack adventure with a mostly spray painted wine rack. A few more coats and all would be well, right? That’s what the husband and I thought. We even measured the wine rack and the space it would go into assuring ourselves that it would fit with no problems. So after painting everything, getting all the final coats on I got him to lift the thing up, pull the refrigerator out, and try to push it back in. With no luck. Sure enough, it was slightly too tall. As in, no more than a half inch too big. Back to the drawing board! Luckily my dad made it so I could remove one side of the boards:

It was as simple as plugging in my power tools and removing about 112 screws on that side the arrow above is pointing to. Okay, not really that many screws. There were three for each of nine of those cross boards you see, though. I’m terrible at math so let’s just say those 27 screws might as well have been 30.
The good news was that having the top off meant I could get the insides painted a little better though I figured once wine bottles were in it wouldn’t be crucial to make sure it was perfect because the inside wouldn’t be very visible. My husband went with me to the local big box hardware store and we went to the craft wood section where they sold a sheet of very thin 1/8-inch wood for about $6. The best part was that we could get two cuts made free of charge, and since we had measurements, why not skip taking out the saws at home and let the store guys do it!?

At first I was going to spray paint this piece of thin wood as well but decided very quickly that 2 coats of super thick leftover white paint > 4 coats of spray paint.

This paint was bought about two and a half years ago, now, in one of those gigantic buckets. It has come in handy many, many times. And now that it’s as thick as glue, it’s very easy to just use for one or two coats when painting! Once I had painted one side I was ready to attach the super thin wood to the wine rack. Then I got to use the power drill again. I went to matching the holes that were originally drilled using the same screws without taking into account one thing…

Less wood meant less to drill into. I think my dad was trying to avoid splitting the wood by not drilling into the vertical pieces but that wasn’t going to work here. I’d have to drill into the vertical pieces in order to hide the screw.

One other consideration? I had to not drill too fast and go through the thin wood. Whoops. This is the only screw I had the issue with, the rest I was more careful with. I also used about half the number of screws since the thin piece was just going to be the top and I didn’t need to go overboard with the screws again. Once attaching the top again I gave it one more coating of paint (the top won’t be seen so I didn’t need to be perfect) and let it dry just long enough that it was mostly dry but not so long that my husband didn’t call me crazy for wanting to put it where it was going to go while avoiding getting wet paint on his fingers. It was worth it.

Ta-dah!!! I know, it’s not perfect. And I know storing wine on top of the refrigerator may not be the best place to store it due to temperatures and lighting, but give me a break. This looks cool. We drink this wine fairly frequently so I’m not overly worried about storing 30 year old bottles of Bordeaux.

This wine rack holds 24 bottles whereas the makeshift one we had in place only held about nine and then I stacked the others around it and tried to make sure none touched to avoid rattling. This is a much safer solution and will make seeing the wine we have on hand easier.

Most importantly, this guy approves. Yes, we still had Christmas cards up but I promise we took them down that same day.

As long as you don’t look too close it looks pretty excellent. The one thing we have to remember is that since not all slots are created equal there are a couple of spots that have to have the thinner bottles of wine in them. I’m satisfied though and don’t know that I could have done much better.

There you have it! My sort of half DIY project and half my dad’s DIY project. Thanks, dad!

What do you store above your refrigerator? Can you even reach the storage up there? I know some kitchens don’t have very good storage up there or have cabinets that are set back and not easily accessible. Or tell me how you store your wine!