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Imagine this is your house (yes, there is a lot more house not viable). Now imagine that this is the view from your house:

Any one else ready to move there? It’s only 30 minutes south of San Francisco. This is now a Historic Preserve but Filoli house and gardens was someone’s residence about 100 years ago. I suppose the above picture of a meadow is a little deceiving as the main draw here are the extensive gardens that were created in emulation of Georgian gardens (the state, not the country). We visited on Mother’s Day which happened to also be a flower show and it was wonderful.

You’re actually not allowed on the grass which the docents will remind you of. Right beyond that hedge going cross the middle of the picture is a beautiful blue pool (see slideshow at the bottom of this post). A slight turn left is this neat building:

We aren’t even at the gardens yet! Lots of good places to stop and take pictures (I can see why our photography teacher recommended this place when the bulbs were blooming, though we missed that).

We got yelled at for walking across the grass. Worth. It. On to the gardens!

There are quite a few ornate gardens but there are also orchards, vegetable gardens, cutting gardens, greenhouses and more. Read the full history of the gardens here.

This orchard is flanked by the previous image and more immaculately groomed English-style gardens.

This one little section was repeated a few times in this area by decorative plants as well as herbs. All the people you see in the left of this picture are milling around a HUGE rose garden.

I could go on an on explaining the pictures I’m sharing here but I’ll add them as a slideshow below instead. Keep an eye out for the bright blue delphinium (I need to get some of them!!!), the bright blue pool, the view facing the other way of that long row/ alley/ lane/ thing-I-obviously-don’t-know-the-technical-name-for, vegetable gardens, unique orchids including a carnivorous one, and wisteria with trunks bigger than most trees. I also included a few more pictures of the house and a picture of a pocketbook plant with puffy little yellow blooms of which I took home the same kind of plant! But one last picture because it was Mother’s Day:

What a lovely place to spend Mother’s Day!

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