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Is there any better time of year than when spring shows up with budding leaves and blossoms? Sure, fall brings us lovely foliage and summer brings sun and my beloved tomatoes while winter brings… cold? But I think spring takes the cake for most exiting season. Heck, if you’re not in California spring is still surprising you with snow!

This past weekend my husband and I joined family and friends for an annual trip to California’s Gold Country and the first signs of the season were coming into full bloom everywhere. Starting March 15th, a local attraction opens up, Daffodil Hill, and we ventured out to Volcano, CA to experience 10 different types of the flower.
Generally each type of daffodil was planted in a section of its own but there were a few sneaky outliers. Of course there were some of the standard flowers you see normally (like the yellow ones that live at our house) but there were a few varieties I had never seen before like this cream one with a sunset colored cup!


It was still a little early to see absolutely all the flowers in bloom but there were enough of each type that we could see all the varieties. I also was impressed with some extra large yellow on yellow flowers that were really the size of a cup and saucer. Should have seen if I could have taken some of those home!


The one below is an interesting variety that had multiple blossoms on one stem!


Plenty of daffodils to take in and enjoy. A perfect way to take in a little spring on a sunny but still slightly chilly morning.


Of course there were also some photo ops requiring our significant others to take pictures of the women folk. I call this, “Four Cameras, Four Men.”


Back at my homestead I’ve been enjoying the freesia blooms from the bulbs my grandma gave me! This is one of my favorite bulb flowers because they smell amazing and these ones are the most vibrant fuschia. they are sprouting alongside reddish orange giant poppies and red nasturtium right now so it’s quite the site. While I love having the flowers outside, I had to bring a little branch inside and our living room smelled lovely.


I’m looking forward to seeing if the irises that surprised me last year make another appearance this year in April and May. What’s blooming in your garden this spring?