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Our friends moved from San Francisco (urban) south to about 10 minutes from where my husband and I live (suburban). Whenever they bemoan the fact that they are no longer urban dwellers I point out all the wonderful things about living where we do. Like having a backyard! With sun in the summer (it’s fog in SF during summers)!
Walking around the yard that my husband and I enjoy year round, noticing things in bloom, I feel happiness. I would be hard pressed to give that up for city street noise and summer fog. And in the other extreme direction, would the smell of cows on the wind and sharing the road with tractors be an improvement over the suburbs? For now I’ll stick with our suburban yard which means fences and a house in most shots of what’s in bloom because I have a little of both worlds. Above, my grapes– fruit varietals not wine varietals — look like they are doing great on the trellis I built and moved this one to.

The asparagus has done its thing but still doesn’t get very thick. I’ve let it go to fern so it’s strong for next year. Every year it seems to produce a little more.

asparagusAll the roses are starting to bloom. This remains one of my favorites but I say that about more than one of them.

rosesMy grandma has hundreds of orchids and she’s sent me home with some. This is one of the only two that I can get to bloom but it blooms every year!

orchidAnother flower from my grandma, an iris. Absolutely beautiful, I’m loving this addition to my irises this year.

iris1The irises that bloomed for the first time last year despite always being in the garden have bloomed again and I believe there might even be more of them? It’s very exciting because these purple ones still smell like “fake grape” to me.

iris2I let the front little garden get purposely overrun by California poppies which look nice around the irises. It’s great spring filler and then once some of the other flowers start showing up the poppies can easily be pulled out but will still come back!

gardenIt may not be a big ol’ plot of land on a farm, it’s certainly not an urban garden, but I like it. I squeeze in everything I can into my garden and Spring sure does make me happy here. How about you?