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Been away from the blog for a bit so I’m making a comeback with the same thing that welcomed the husband and I home from a week of July vacation: gigantic zucchini!
Not the first time we’ve come home and been terrified by the crazy sized zucchini growing in our absence but this time was an extra surprise because I thought I had planted a very dark green zucchini! It appears some other seeds got mixed into my seed packet and I think these are actually “Segev” or Lebanese summer squash.
The seeds in a squash this size are as big as a pumpkin’s and when squash gets this big, you can’t grill it. So what to do?
Take out the food processor and shred away! I brought half (8 cups total!) to my co-workers and we had a zucchini bread bake off. At home we used it on pizza, in a farro dish, and more zucchini muffins than are good for us.
And I still have one more giant zucchini to shred then use. And several more are now growing on the plant. Yikes! When you spend all winter dreaming about tomatoes, basil and zucchini you forget how hectic it gets trying to use it all up when it hits. At least it feels like summer now.