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That’s right, we bought our second home! Almost four years ago we bought our first house and here we are moving on up.
houseThis new house is in the same city as we live now but in a nicer neighborhood with a larger and more usable lot. It’s not a ton larger than our current digs and also has some projects for us on the horizon but we are looking forward to moving in this weekend! It’s been less than a month since we even knew this house existed but we received the keys on Friday and already moved my garden (read: lots of tomatoes) to the new garden so now we’re all set to really move in– because naturally I wasn’t moving without my tomatoes!

I’m excited to share more about this new adventure (and the adventure of selling our first house!) here soon. In the interim, we’ll be trying to use up pears from the new tree and zucchini from our current garden, wish us luck!