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The old house hit the market today. Pretty exciting stuff. Allow the nervous sweating to commence and please, oh please, someone buy our house! But in less stress inducing news, how about a Farmer Friday since there hasn’t been one in forever!?

With the new house came several fruit trees, a pepper plant and yesterday’s Cape Gooseberry plant. The biggest surprise for me was just how many pears this pear tree was producing! I’m not ready to let go of summer, I thought pears were supposed to be a fall fruit!

I started picking up pears when we got our keys and collected about five gallons on my first visit. We made it through those with the help of others and lots of pear salad, pear tarts, pears with ice cream, eating pears, etc. It didn’t take long to get peared out so I starting stashing them in the drawer of our fridge until they overflowed that. I was going to preserve these pears some way, some how. But it didn’t occur to me just how many I had. Here’s the first 10 pounds:
1pearsAs I set out to preserve these pears, I started weighing them out (about five pounds was equal to eight cups which was the standard requirement for most recipes) and came up with 25 pounds and then some of pears. Holy smokes! Here is 15 more pounds and a view of the five gallon bucket I use to pick up pears which was more than half full several days in a row when I went outside:

2pearsMaybe luckily, because some were older than others and this is just a backyard tree, not every little bit of every pear was usable so there was some waste. And since this huge collection, the trees have been dropping less frequently so we can keep up with the fresh pears better. I see a few more pear tarts in our future. Do you have any favorite uses for fresh pears to recommend?

Now that I’ve made it through the brunt of our fruit harvest I’ve been eyeing the neighbor’s fig tree…