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My mind was blown this past weekend. And just so I don’t start rambling, I’ll start at the beginning: Somehow my husband and I were invited to join in on a weekend in Palm Springs at a friend of my aunt’s newly renovated vacation rental. Now, I’ve been to Palm Springs before and the Coachella Valley vacation destination in Southern California has always been good to me. I’ve been a handful of times for the Coachella Music and Arts Festival and a handful of other times for the warm weather and a pool to sit by. This time was an invite for the latter that sounded wonderful. But this time, when I thought I knew what to expect after having stayed in several “vacation rentals” before, I was stunned when I clicked on this link for the rental and saw basically the house that was in the Mad Men Palm Springs episode.
Once I picked my jaw up off the ground I made sure to bring my camera because there was sure to be some good inspiration for our upcoming renovation. We may not be able to include a blue palm in a courtyard like the one above, but the midcentury modern home was a stunna that had beautiful details to be absorbed.

While there was plenty of gorgeous tile to be petted, this was probably my favorite because of the texture and color.
Love the application of that textured tile in a mostly non-wet place above the tub but I could also imagine it around a fireplace. Somewhere where ease of cleaning doesn’t matter, obviously! I also want to point out the white tile that is used in the rest of the bathroom which you can see a little bit of above and more below. It has a sort of natural texture like wood grain or linen and I absolutely love it. I drooled all over it and will be on the hunt for something similar for our master bathroom.
The bathroom in “our room” (aka “master #3″… WHOA) was no less impressive. Besides loving the subtle wall color I again loved the big, white, textured tiles used with an accent tile. This time the glossy tile had an almost basket weave pattern to it and you can bet that I got my face all up in its business to check it out. I also loved the color of the mosaic tile and maybe something in a little larger scale would be a good fit for our house?
I unabashedly borrowed a tape measure to take some measurements to compare what was going on in the house to what we might be able to fit in ours. This vanity was SEVEN FEET WIDE. Huge! We won’t be able to fit one quite so large but we definitely reveled in not stepping on each others toes while getting our mirror time in.
Master #3 wasn’t too shabby. If I could pick my favorite thing about this room (and all rooms in the house) the remote controlled window shades would have to be at least in my top three. The views and artwork throughout are probably also up there. And yes, that is an outdoor fireplace right by an outdoor dining space right by the pool.
The kitchen was big enough to get lost in and while I didn’t take any inspiration pictures, I was inspired. We cooked six dishes from the new Ottolenghi cookbook for the six of us. And I’m still patting myself on the back a little for somehow miraculously timing everything and everyone’s help to get them all done at precisely the same time. Helped that this kitchen was more than big enough for many cooks!

The only thing missing from the luxury home was Don Draper floating in the pool.
Besides the impressive interior design, there were some sights of the great outdoors that weren’t too shabby, either. I’m ready to go back already!

sceneryDo you ever take inspiration from hotels, vacation rentals or other places you visit?