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Christmas tree cutting
So Christmas is about a week away. How did that happen? I left off in October enjoying a warm weekend in Palm Springs and all of a sudden it’s frosty and freezing — yes, we get cold weather and frost in Northern California, it may have finally finished the citrus tree in that I butchered with a trim a few months ago. But you didn’t miss much around here. Our first house closed escrow in the middle of October and was officially sold (yay!), my husband and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary (with no trip for the first time), I had my hair chopped off again, I hosted a baby brunch (don’t call it a shower) at our house for a close friend, then took her maternity photos (then she delivered on Thanksgiving four days later.), hosted Thanksgiving and then cut down our first Christmas tree. We’ve also been spending time with friends and family, stressing about the plans for the house, and working our butts off at our jobs.

Christmas tree cuttingWhile my parents were visiting for Thanksgiving I coerced them into coming along to cut down a tree. There are tree farms near us that hand you a saw and let you loose to choose a noble fir or Monterey pine of your choice. I sought out a tall, narrow tree and this Monterey pine fit the bill.

Christmas tree carryingMy dad, all business when it comes to Christmas trees. 🙂

Christmas tree carryingThis really feels like our first Christmas tree since we’ve only ever had teeny, potted ones if we had one at all. We didn’t even have ornaments despite this being our seventh Christmas together.

Christmas tree carryingI feel fortunate that we will be spending this Christmas with family and friends.

Christmas tree on the carNow if only these guys could fix our house’s heating system as easily as they can cut down a Christmas tree!

Christmas tree on the carBelieve it or not, we’re still waiting to finalize our house construction plans, hopefully we’ll know more in the new year. I’m still working my patience muscles and the holidays are a welcome distraction.

Have you ever cut down your own Christmas tree or are you a fake tree family?