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Somehow it never occurred to me that with this construction project we’d be “those people” — the ones with the porta potty in the driveway. It’s a really good look, we may need to keep it there. 😉
The portion of the project that started in early May is just the demo of the garage space that had been converted by the previous owners into a finished living space. When my husband and I saw the house, we knew that for us, it would be more useful to have a garage and not a room with very low ceilings. In the past few months it’s worked out to have that space when people stay with us, but we’re looking forward to the storage a regular garage provides. I couldn’t find a shot of the garage taken from the garage door side, so here’s one facing the other direction (behind that door, about six inches away was the garage door).
The HVAC ducts made the ceiling in this space much, much lower. They were about six feet tall so it was a little claustrophobic. The mirrored doors on the right concealed more storage space, the water heater and HVAC unit. On the other side of the room, facing the backyard, there was a nice bathroom that we will be re-doing to meet code and be a little smaller. Here it is before:
And here’s a shot looking from the stairs that went from the kitchen into this space. From the very far left corner of this picture, you see the door that heads outside, the bathroom door, the garage door isn’t visible and then a glass pantry door. The previous owners must have had a stacked washer/dryer in that corner on the left but we have side-by-side units so we had a washer there and the dryer on the other side of the wall. I’m happy to report that they have been reunited, for the first time ever (they were on either side of a door at our old house, too!) in the garage. This space will be revised to be office/mudroom and then bathroom.
Here’s a shot from the open garage door into the space. You can see the back door to the yard and the window that’s in the bathroom. The kitchen stairs are going to move back a little so the “used to be pantry” space is where I’ll have a desk nook area. This way, our second bedroom can be the husband’s office and guestroom. Right above the “washer/dryer” and “HVAC” note below you can see a dark space, that’s the under the stair space for the stairs in the house. You’ll also notice there’s no tank water heater here…
In order to efficiently use the garage space our contractor asked if we would consider a tankless water heater. I was easy to convince as I had looked into upgrading to one at the old house when our tank water heater went out, however at the time, it was double the price of replacing the tank unit with a newer tank unit and I knew that we wouldn’t be in the house long enough to realize the cost savings. The husband was convinced (also easily) and we went for the tankless. We love the space saving but have had to get used to the hot water coming to the taps a little slower. My husband is thrilled, though, that I can no longer complain about him using all the hot water with a long shower!
We finally saw some real progress over the weekend after delays due to waiting for our first inspection and checking to make sure that some of the changes that were made to the plan were acceptable. On Saturday we saw drywall go up, had all the outlets in our bedrooms updated to three-prong (and added some!), and finally had our washer/dryer hooked up after a month of going without. It was a big day for us because when your house is half packed up and a demo zone, you learn to appreciate the little things. Soon we’ll be ordering tile and picking a sink for the bathroom downstairs which will make it feel like we’re getting so much closer! Maybe we’ll do another poll like I tried in 2009 for choosing a bathroom floor!?