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The construction on the “garage” portion of our home is in the phase where nothing exactly looks like it’s changing even when work is being done on it. I took a few pictures a week or so ago now that the drywall is up and today is day two of mudding and taping everything to get it ready to be painted. But before I share those, Lucy demanded I show one new feature that we’re adding just for her (and yes, I know it’s annoying to act like Lucy cares about what pictures I take, but I’m obsessed with her so I can’t help it).

This little pup learned to use a doggy door during a trip to Southern California and it’s been on our list of things to add during construction since we got her. When we’re home we have to leave the door cracked open or remember to take her out every now and then for a potty break (or she’ll bark to remind us!) but once we done with construction Lucy will be able to get in and out of the house on her own! The door has a panel to slide in and lock for night and when we aren’t home (plus we have a security system) so we don’t worry about critters — the four or two legged kind– getting in. If Lucy could talk, I think she would echo my sentiments and ask, “Are we done yet?”

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