Sometimes life interferes with this whole blog writing thing and for the first time in many years I dropped completely off the map with it. The last several posts were starts and stops so let’s see if this one sticks!

If you are reading this post and you don’t already, follow along on Instagram where there has been plenty going on with tomatoes in the garden and a very big dog now. I know people are still arriving at the site to read about 10-Minute Microwave Artichokes and how I will never, ever, try making Italian chicken sausage ever again (despite some encouraging comments!).

Since we left off a year ago, Lucy has now become a 78-pound pooch that my husband and I are still madly in love with:
2015-08-22_002020579_422FC_iOSOur house construction has been finished, we had our backyard landscape done and my husband built a shed with my dad’s help. I need to take more pictures to share but the whole decoration/ buying furniture thing is going very, very slowly so things are still a work in progress. I’m sure this is more of a “real life thing” versus the fantasy blog/ Pinterest world so maybe it helps to share more of this with the internet than to pretend like once you spend a whole bunch of money on major renovation that everyone can just turn around and buy new furniture and accessories. Certainly not the case here!

The garden is full of almost 50 tomato plants. I may have gone overboard.


Part of the new landscape was having three raised garden beds installed which are a little more fancy than the version my sister and I built at the previous house. After taking a tomato seedling class from Love Apple Farms I ended up with almost 150 seedlings to hand off to friends, neighbors, family, enemies. 😉 With some creative thinking and a little begging with my husband, I was able to fit in almost 50 plants. We had a very rough start but ultimately things took off and there have been more tomatoes than any one couple could ever need. And one, single zucchini plant. Because I’m not totally crazy.

There are other things going on that I will get around to posting, hopefully, but I don’t want to spoil everything all at once! Maybe posting some of the house projects we have on the to-do list will be just the accountability we need to start getting some done! Looking forward to posting here again and recording some of this crazy journey.