Our Current House

In the middle of July 2013 I had mentally given up on finding a new house. We really liked the house we were living in and market prices were going up, up, up and we had already been searching since January. Granted we were being a little more picky about our second house since we wanted to be in a better neighborhood with a larger lot size than our current digs. By summer I was convinced it wasn’t going to happen in our price range and when I got an email from our agent asking to meet up at a house mid-week I asked my husband if he even wanted to go. We went but I fully believed it would mostly be to end this whole process once and for all. Instead, we liked the house. It was a smidge bigger with a ton of potential to upgrade, in a better neighborhood and on a bigger lot which was mostly in back of the house instead of the front and sides. But, it was at the absolute top of our price range.

When we got home we emailed the broker to see if we could afford it with a now-higher-than-January interest rate. She came back with numbers that made me sweat. I went from being ready to sign the offer with my husband to getting completely cold feet. As in, I sat there, talking to him and mentally backing out. So far backed out that he let me email the broker and real estate agent that we weren’t going to go for it.

The next morning we continued discussing it and asked for input from my dad who basically said, “You regretted not buying something six months ago, six months from now you’re going to regret not buying this house.” Honestly, I still wasn’t convinced. But my husband agreed with my dad and pushed for making an offer just to try. So we did.
houseAnd we got it. I can’t speak for my husband but I definitely had that “What did we do!?” moment. Due to some circumstances forcing the buyer to sell the house as quickly as possible we entered into a 21 day close of escrow and beat that by a few days. It was quick. And we even had to have the purchase price lowered during that time which means we ended up buying our home for below asking in a very hot and crazy market. Guess that means it was really meant to be.

She’s not much of a looker quite yet and there’s some really big projects to do but we are happy to be in a house with way more potential.

1newhouseAnd one of my favorite parts of this house? The living room and the giant, supposedly real marlin that we got to keep from the previous owners!

12newhouseThis 1940 home is ready for some TLC but in the mean time we are living in the house and making plans for what we will do down the line. It’s an exciting adventure.

24newhouseFor a full house tour that includes the staged pictures and some shots of empty rooms before we moved in, check out this post. Stay tuned for what is sure to be a slow but steady transformation of making this house into a home!

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